Breathing is touching at the mucosal lining. Every act of smell is inmost, allowing of power’s touch. Not just at its apex but in the real intimacy of the unseen. It is fed and inhaled. It lives in alveoli, with our cells, connecting us inextricably. Power is a discreet and penetrating breath, constant, inseparable, and blended with our bodily functions.

Plenitude. I am overwhelmed by meaning. Every time I breathe, the rhythm is natural, fluid. It fuses action. I became aware of my ‘cosmic lung.’ I enter into the total rhythm of the world. The world is my lung.” (Lygia Clark, The Abandonment of Modern Art)

(d)olor atemporalan olfactive collapse of ancient life and time materialized through portals of petroleum ontologies.

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corriente etérica

a somatic practice incorporating olfactory elements. we follow the currents pulsating through our bodies as channels of inter- and intra-habitat connections from our own holobiont to that of the submarine cables that host our telecommunications along the ocean floor—encountering aqueous and plastified kinship through them.

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odorant peatlands
turberas olorosas
a scent edition encapsulating four peatland geographies, produced as an iteration of a prolonged, entangled, and decentralized engagement with the smellscapes of global Peatlands initiated by the collective Ensayos

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early earth smellsan invitation into the web of our interspecies and bacterial ancestry through knots of text and pre-cambrian smells