Design should function not just as a tool of communication, but as a form of space-making, world-making, and a continual search for alignment with a growing community. a continual reminder and reinforcement of the spaces we want to create in the world, as it is often the first way we externalize, communicate, and announce our ideas and dreams to the outside world.It should be

My design methodology is informed by empathic dialogue. Beginning through the relational and the conversational, I first seek the ethical axes and goals that we strive for in creating design systems together. In the process of developing an intelligent system, the hope is to create a parallel set of care practices that tend to this network and reflect back to it the core values of the people I design for. 

The ultimate hope is to create design that centers access, communicates effectively, and pushes the limits of play and innovation in order to help us question the role that design plays in our lives at large and what it can do for the worlds we are building. Design should unfurl as an emergent tool that grows with you and your organization, accompanying sets of shifting values, teams, and iterations as infinitely unfurling webs. 
This is a small selection of design projects I have worked on from 2015-2023.

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