Breathing is touching at the mucosal lining. Every act of smell is inmost, allowing of power’s touch. Not just at its apex but in the real intimacy of the unseen. It is fed and inhaled. It lives in alveoli, with our cells, connecting us inextricably. Power is a discreet and penetrating breath, constant, inseparable, and blended with our bodily functions.

Plenitude. I am overwhelmed by meaning. Every time I breathe, the rhythm is natural, fluid. It fuses action. I became aware of my ‘cosmic lung.’ I enter into the total rhythm of the world. The world is my lung.” (Lygia Clark, The Abandonment of Modern Art)
early earth smellsan invitation into the web of our interspecies and bacterial ancestry through knots of text and pre-cambrian smells 

turba tol hol-hol tolin collaboration with Ensayos Tierra del Fuego: a collective submersion into and an offering to peatlands, observing the smellscapes of extractivism, sphagnum dives, beaver dams, and more. anchored in the bogs of karukinka, tierra del fuego; and bog hollow, new york.  

counter-cartographies of smell
    a collectively gathered institutional scent map and olfactory distillation produced for a routinely deodorized space with an underbelly of licorice, plywood, hydraulic oil, vegetality, and clorox

agar olfactory
    a series of speculative dives into apocalyptic futures through smell, collapsing timespace through scented explorations of ecological possibilities. made available through ongoing launches

poema de supermercado
    recolección de retazos de importes de agricultura chilenos en supermercados estadounidenses y un poemario de exportación

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a gentle excavation

a historically accurate olfactory depiction of the history of RESORT gallery’s building as a florist shop— harkening back to the 19th c.

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an artist multiple and longform investigation into soybean trade networks across the global north/south, paying particular attention to the role of trade agreements in transnational border relationships

+ Gas Gallery LA
+ Prairie Chicago

micro ecosistema plástico-planta, instalación olfativa de líquenes, sistema de alimentación de musgo. una inmersión al rol de los plásticos en la ecología capitalocénica

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an instructional piece that questions the deployment of european hygiene practices and its relationship to coloniality and commerce. as executed with: larvae, dog spit, human spit, dirt, multispecies hair, and more, across geographies.

+ Virtual Bodies JPN
+ Fermenting Feminism CAN
+ Fermenting Feminism book