custom scents

a custom scent should not just serve as a generic accessory. scent is a technology that can regulate your emotional landscapes and bring you in closer alignment with your cyborg self. create a scent for your skin, your second skin (your home), or an exhibition with my guidance and nose. the world of smell is complex and i can help you translate your ideas into an aromatic vocabulary!

email with subject line custom scents for a quote and to get started.


i offer graphic design services for artists, curators, and creatives. this includes: exhibition identities, pamphlets and cards, simple websites, CVs, graphics for social, and pdfs for web and print publication. see a selection of work → here

prices are all sliding scale by project or by the hour. i can work within grant parameters and timelines if applicable. i also offer free design work for mutual aid. please ask!

email with subject line graphic design